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University Collaboration Program

The University Collaboration Program aims to collaborate with universities to build a group of professionals who understand and believe in the special needs individuals. These professionals will be trained to support and focus on the ability of the differently abled individuals to build an ‘Inclusive Jakarta’.

Currently, we have started initiatives with Universitas Negri Jakarta (UNJ), conducted training programs with Universitas Islam Bandung and have been visited by many other universities around Jakarta.

What is the University Collaboration Program?
SLCs University collaboration Program aims to collaborate with different universities across Jakarta through several activities:

Create Awareness

We hold on campus seminars about children with special needs and ways to work with them . These seminars will help the university students to develop their knowledge. At the seminar, SLC will prepare presentation materials and certificates for all seminar participants.

Internship Program

SLC is open to university students who want to do internship / PKL at our school for a period of two to three months. All interns will carry out real work practices where they will directly deal with children. At the end of the internship program the university students will get a certificate and may get appointed as employees at our school. To know more, click here (Intern at SLC

Workshop / Seminar at SLC

SLC often holds workshops / seminars at our school that are open to the public and invite professional speakers for the event. This event is also open for students who want to participate and enhance their skills and knowledge related to children with special needs. As a collaboration, we also provide quotas for university students to attend this event.
In addition, we would also request cooperation from the universities to disseminate information about SLCs programs through their websites, social media, mading etc. found in campus facilities.

Employment Opportunity

We open employment opportunities for students who are graduates of Psychology, Education and Therapy. In addition, we are also open to other majors who wish to be a part of the SLC office team. SLC employees will continue to receive training and certificates


The University has a teaching faculty that is experienced and highly motivated, therefore SLC wants to collaborate with the teaching faculty at the university. The teaching faculty can be a resource for parents who have children with special needs and can increase their knowledge. In addition, the teaching team can also be a consultants and mentors for SLCs team of therapist to be able to provide motivation and direction in their respective fields

Who does SLCs University Collaboration Program cater to?




SLCs University program caters to all universities who wish to partner with SLC and be a part of the ‘Jakarta Inclusive’ program. Please contact us if you wish to know more information about this program.



How will partnering with SLC help your University?


The activities conducted by SLC will strengthen the university community- students, teachers and their families. This collaboration with your university will help your community by:





Inculcating feelings of acceptance towards differently abled peers

Becoming aware of the abilities of the children rather than looking at their disability

Strengthening the university community, where every student has an opportunity to flourish and grow with the values of love and acceptance

Gain knowledge and experience by interning with SLC and improving the quality of work for the students.

Get employment opportunities for the passing out students of your university.

Creating a generation of milineals who respect and accept individuals with different abilities as their equals and include them as friends, work colleagues and other social groups leading to an Inclusive Jakart

How can you be a part of the SLCs university program?

You can be a part of SLCs University Project. If you need more details or want to be part of the University project, please feel free to contact us.

Call: (021) 4240815

Email: secretary.saraswatilc@gmail.com

Visit: Jakarta Pusat 10510

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