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Job Opportunity Collaboration Program

The “Job Opportunity Collaboration” program focuses on creating work opportunities for differently abled adults. This program supports our vision ‘to create a community where together we work for the rights of differently abled individuals who can earn a living, have friends and be part of other groups without being segregated.’ With this vision we have a dream to build an inclusive café for the young adults where they can work and earn, have friends and be part of our inclusive society. Thus, making ‘Jakarta Inclusive’!

What job opportunities does SLC offer?

As part of our ‘Jakarta Inclusive’, the adult differently abled students are being trained to be independent and be an included part of the society. They are learning to make various food and merchandise items. The students are also being trained in communication skills so that they are able to sell these items at various platforms.

Stalls at SLC

The vocational students put up regular stalls on school days and celebration days at school to sell their handmade items. They learn to talk to the parents, write bills and handle money. This gives them exposure and confidence to become more independent.


SLC participates at different bazaars where the students sell their items, talk to people who come to the stall, write bills, take and give money. They are accompanied by their teacher who continuously guides them on aspects of social behavior and communication. This provides hands on learning for the students giving them with confidence and independence. The bazaars are also a good opportunity to spread awareness about the abilities of special needs adults

Online Store

SLC has all the merchandise produced by the children on its online store. We take large orders for the products through our online store. Our students will make and deliver the items within 2-3 days of the order. Click here to visit our store.

SLC’s Saraswati Inclusive Café

SLC has a dream of starting an inclusive café where the special needs individuals are working with peers as equals. This café will showcase the belief we have in the abilities of all differently abled individuals and will also provide means of livelihood for them.
‘Saraswati Inclusive Café’, is a happy place, which shows togetherness of the different individuals and their abilities; where everybody is accepted and included

Community Involvement for Saraswati Inclusive Café

The differently abled adults can only be a part of the community if we believe and involve ourselves with them.

You can be involved with our students by:

Supporting our stalls, bazaars and online shop

Bazaars, stalls and the online shop focuses on spreading awareness about the abilities of the students and requires the support of the community.

You can support our students by

Visit our online store

Placing orders from our online store

Buying from our bazaars

Helping us set up bazaars at different community gatherings

Spreading the words about the abilities of the special needs adults and the items they are producing.

Supporting our ‘Saraswati Inclusive Café

Saraswati Inclusive Café is a symbol of inclusion where the differently abled individuals are a part of the community. Through this café the special needs individuals will not only get means of livelihood but will also be a proud part of the society where they work and make friends without being segregated.

You can support our café by

Helping us to find a place for the café

Helping us to set up the café (interiors, furniture, equipment etc.)

Helping us to raise funds for the café

Spread the word about this special ‘inclusive café’ so more people visit and support the special needs individuals.

Call: (021) 4240815

Email: secretary.saraswatilc@gmail.com

Visit: Jakarta Pusat 10510

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