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Employment Opportunity Program, an initiative serves as a platform for individuals with disabilities to engage in meaningful work and earn a living. It is designed to promote financial independence and inclusion.

 Rich Accessories x saraswati

Rich Accessories serves as a platform empowering individuals with disabilities to enhance their entrepreneurial and professional skills.

Designed to connect you with your best self and help you find your life’s purpose, Rich Accessories brings out the best in you. Through Rich Accessories, we share the inspiring stories of people, including those with special needs, fostering empowerment and allowing the world to experience the true essence of Rich Accessories. Established since [year], Rich Accessories stands as the premier accessories supplier, specializing in high-quality stainless steel accessories unique to each individual.

Always committed to giving back to the community, Rich Accessories believes in empowering the lives of special needs individuals through inventory management and goods packing, promoting financial independence and fostering inclusion in the world.

With every purchase, ____ percentage will contribute to the job employment program for special needs individuals aged 18 and above at Saraswati.

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