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Hospital Collaboration Program

Hospitals form the first point of contact with special needs individuals and their families. SLC aims to collaborate with all hospitals to spread awareness amongst doctors regarding the early intervention and holistic development for all differently abled students. Through our collaborations with the hospitals we wish to bring about a change in the lives of all differently abled individuals and their families.

What is the Hospital Collaboration Program?
SLCs Hospital Collaboration Program aims to collaborate with different hospitals across Jakarta through several activities:

1. Creating Awareness amongst the doctors:

SLC wants to work with the doctors to create awareness about

The importance of Early Intervention Program (0-4 year) for the differently abled individuals.

Inform the doctors about the available facilities for the development of the differently abled individuals.

3. Empower parents:

The hospitals have many experienced doctors who would like to take short educative sessions with parents of the differently abled students. SLC would also like to collaborate with the hospitals to use the doctors as resource people to educate parents at SLC.

2. Build a link between the hospital and SLC:

SLC wants to build a link with the hospitals so that we can gather a team of doctors who are aware and willing to work with the differently abled individuals. This link would help us:

To refer our privileged differently abled individuals to the doctors at your hospital.

To build a team of volunteer doctors who can work at the early intervention center for the underprivileged special needs children at SLC.

Who does SLCs Hospital Collaboration Program cater to?

SLCs Hospital collaboration program caters to all hospitals who, wish to work with individuals and families of differently abled individuals and be a part of the ‘Jakarta Inclusive’ program.

Please contact us if you wish to know more information about this program.

How will partnering with SLC help your Hospital?

The activities conducted by SLC will strengthen your hospital community- doctors and staff. This collaboration will help your community by:

Your hospital will be known to be a special needs friendly hospital and believe in starting early to make the change for a better future for the differently abled children.

Strengthen your team of doctors and inculcate the feelings of acceptance towards differently abled peers.

Becoming aware of the abilities of the children rather than looking at their disability

Gain knowledge and experience by volunteering in the EIP with the underprivileged differently abled students.

Your name will be placed in our website and other benefits.

SLC will place brochures and send referrals to your hospital whenever required by the privileged families.

How can you be a part of the SLCs organization collaboration program?

You can be a part of SLCs organization collaboration program. If you need more details or want to be part of this program, please feel free to contact us .


SLC has a vision to make Jakarta Inclusive for all special needs individuals. Your hospital can be a part of this vision by joining us through the Hospital Collaboration Program.

Your hospital will create a generation of doctors who will have love, respect and accept individuals with different abilities.

SLC offers many opportunities to collaborate like creating awareness, opportunities for volunteering and sharing resources and opportunities to build a link with a team of doctors.

Call: (021) 4240815

Email: secretary.saraswatilc@gmail.com

Visit: Jakarta Pusat 10510

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