Let’s explore the possibilities of a collaborative effort that can significantly impact the lives of differently-abled individuals, especially those coming from challenging socio economic backgrounds.

Our vision is to create an inclusive future where every individual, regardless of their abilities, has an equal opportunity to thrive.

At Saraswati

We believe that with the collective power of like-minded organizations, we can achieve this goal together. The main focus of this collaboration is to support differently-abled individuals through various means, with an emphasis on those who may face additional socioeconomic challenges. 

Your Organization is committed to making a difference in the lives of differently-abled individuals by providing vital resources and opportunities for their development. We are interested in joining forces with you to pool our resources and expertise in this endeavor.

Vision is to create an INCLUSIVE  future


Companies can collaborate by  donating essential items of companies preference  such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, and eyeglasses, therapy, and education for the child. We encourage interactive and inclusive activities that can help foster a sense of community and empowerment.


For hospitals, some options to explore can be free medical screening tests, providing training materials, Offering free hearing aids, eye glasses, and wheelchairs can make a significant difference in their lives.


We aim to create funding campaigns to provide financial assistance to those in need. Moreover, we believe in engaging these individuals in interactive and inclusive activities, offering volunteer opportunities, and providing knowledge-sharing sessions related to their preferred careers.


We also welcome clinical psychologists, doctors, and other professionals who can contribute to this noble cause to join the Saraswati team to empower differently-abled individuals and ensure a more inclusive future.

Role at Saraswati – Part of ONE Team

We can set up an online or face to face meeting to discuss this in more detail and explore how our organizations can work together effectively. We eagerly await the OPPORTUNITY OF COLLABORATION with you to make a real difference in the lives of differently-abled individuals.<br />

Join Saraswati team today and collaborate for a noble cause 🙂

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