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Assessment is not done to ‘label’ a child but to prevent further delays, increasing the severity of the disability in the child. Therefore, it is very important for parents to take the initiative and do the assessment as it helps to identify the strength of the child. Only when we focus on the strength of the child will the child be able to achieve his best and overcome his difficulties. Keeping this in mind, our centre provides the facility for  assessment of infants and children.

What is Assessment?


Assessment is done using formal and informal testing methods. Formal testing is done using standardadized tests like WISC, Standard Binet Intellegence Scale or Progressive Matrix. Informal testings are conducted through observations for a certain period of time. These tests are to identify the strengths and difficulties the child is facing in school and day to day life. Through these assessements we are able to measure the childs level of develepoment in the areas of physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social (PILES).

Who is involved in the assessment process?


Parents and primary caregivers also play an important role in the process of assessments

Role Of Parents/ Primary Care Givers


Parents/ primary caregivers form an important part of the assessment process. The clinical psychologist interviews the parents/ primary caregivers with a list of questions regarding the childs history of birth and therapies previously conducted (if any), abilities of the child, difficulties in the daily life of the child and the parenting approach that has been exposed to the child.

This information is very important because parents spend the maximum time with their children and play a key role in the childs life. The information given by them will validify the observations made by the school during the assessment process.


What is the process of assessment to take admission to SLC?


If you want to be admitted at SLC, then the child has to go through a trial for three days where they will be assessed by the clinical psychologist and the head of special needs educator. This helps us to determine the level of the child and which class group is appropriate for him/her. This also identifies whether the child is ready to enter the school system or needs therapy services first. To know more, contact us

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