Each child is capable of reaching its maximum potential when given the appropriate strategy and opportunity. We believe in focusing on the ability of the child and not their disability. SLC is one of the few special schools offering an environment of a mainstream school for children with diverse developmental and learning needs.

Our students are able to get the appropriate education and therapy services which focuses on the ability and not the disability because of SLCs structure.

The pillars:

  • Assessment : This is conducted by the clinical psychologist with a goal to assess the abilities of the individual in their academics and social skills. After assessment the individual will be referred to the appropriate class and therapy and within 2 weeks the child’s IEP goals will be issued.

  • Classroom structure : SLC’S Class room setup is accommodated with visual instruction, thoughtful seating arrangement, vision friendly and not over stimulated environment. The tables and chairs are chosen appropriately looking at the child’s strength. The classroom is an essential factor that aids the child’s development.

  • Curriculum : It is a framework which guides the work of teachers in SLC and It has goals which the child needs to achieve in their IEP. It looks at the areas of concern and focuses on the child’s ability so that they are able to learn and achieve their best

  • Resources : SLC uses a range of work books and materials for the children, this again depends on the child’s ability. Few of them are:

    • SLC Math & Bahasa Indonesia Work Book
    • Yudhistira book
    • My Pals
    • Montessori Materials
    • Adaptive books
    • Hands on flash card/material
  • Teacher: SLC ensures the child’s efficient growth by ensuring the student-teacher ration and providing qualified teachers with experience, who receives regular in-house training. The teachers and therapist work as a team and all believe in SLC’S vision.

  • Time table : follows a main stream school, focusing on more detailed lesson plan and further accommodating to the individual’s needs.

    • Academic (Math’s, Bahasa, IPA & IPS)
    • Social skills (extra curricular & other activities)
    • Follow a structure time table like mainstream school