Training Collaboration Program

The training program focuses on conducting training sessions for individuals and groups who are working with special needs individuals. It aims to impart skills, strategies and knowledge on working with special needs individuals

Who does SLCs Training Collaboration Program cater to?

SLCs training collaboration program caters to various groups:

Training programs for individuals:

These are training sessions for different individuals who want to know more about special needs and how to work with them. Parents and relatives who have differently abled children can also attend these sessions as it will help them to work with their differently abled child.

Parents empowerment and training program:

This program focuses on giving continuous guidance and support to SLC parents.

Nannies training program:

This is a specially designed program for nanny’s who work with the differently abled children. This program will equip them understand and manage the children they work with better.

Teachers training program:

This training program caters to teachers working in special needs schools and mainstream schools. The training focuses on strategies to enhance the teaching and management skills for the differently abled and slower learners in your classroom.

University students training program:

These trainings are for students studying to be psychologists, special educators and therapists etc. Our trainings will give you skills and hands on experience before you start your job in the field of special education.

What are the benefits for you?

Inculcating the feelings of acceptance towards differently abled peers
Becoming aware of the abilities of the children rather than looking at their disability
Strengthening your skills to work with special needs individuals
Creating a generation of milineals who respect and accept individuals with different abilities as their equals and include them as friends, work colleagues and other social groups leading to an Inclusive Jakarta

How can you be a part of the Training sessions?

You can be a part of the training sessions:

Attending the sessions: SLC conducts various training sessions for individuals and groups throughout the year. Please contact us to know more about the upcoming sessions.
Becoming a trainer: If you have experience working with special needs individuals and would like to share your knowledge with the community, you can be a part of the awareness and training programs. Please contact us if you wish to spread your knowledge.
Connecting us to organizations: You can connect us to organizations and companies who want to collaborate with us for regular training and sensitization sessions and be part of ‘Jakarta Inclusive’