Special Needs School

Indonesia has many islands which are rich in culture and heritage. The Indonesians believe ‘ Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’ which means, although we all are different but we are one. Keeping this diversity in mind our school offers curriculum in two languages- Bahasa Indonesia and English Language. This helps us to accept students from all nationalities. Our classrooms are also named after the different islands of Indonesia, namely, Bali, Sumatera, Papua, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Jawa.

SLC Special Needs School aims to provide a holistic development to the child so he/she can grow to his/her maximum potential.


SLCs unique structure enables our students to receive the appropriate educational services which focuses on their ability and not their disability.

Unique structure of SLC

The unique structure of SLC has the following five pillars:

1. Assessment
2. Class structure
3. Curriculum
4. Resources and teachers
5. Time Table

What process does my child go through before entering SLC?

Your child will join a 3 day trial inside the classroom along with the clinical psychologist. The psychologist, teachers and head of special needs educator will perform assesments using different test and observational methodology. These assesments will assist in identifying the child’s strength, areas of concern and further decide the appropriate class group which is best suited to obtain the child’s maximum growth.

At the end of the assessment a report is issued whereby parents and clinical physcologist can further discuss the result and recommendations of how to help their child.

After the admission process is completed at school an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is made for the child. This will be given to the parents within 2-3 weeks after joining the school.

What is an IEP (Individualised Educational Plan)

An EIP is more than just a document. It maps out your child’s program with specific goals in maths, language, social, emotional and physical developmental areas that is needed for the child to progess, succedd and targeted within a certain period time between 6months to 1 year. Each IeP is designed to meet a child’s exact needs along with the designed curriculum of the class focuing on the strengths and weaknesses of the child. The iep is reviewed on a 6 montly basis and the child’s progress is supported with evidence through the progress report provided by slc to the parent.

What are the documents needed for my child’s admission at SLC ?

The required documents for admissions are as follows:

Admission form (To be filled in school)

Care-giver form (To be filled in school)

Medical record

Passport or Photo Id (3X4)

Family ID Card

Birth Certificate

2 years record of previous school (if any)

To know more, please contact the following:

What is SLCs classroom structure?

SLC is a school that ranges from age 4 to 18 + with a school structure starting from kindergarden upto secondary school.



The kindergarten curriculum is available in both English and Bahasa.

Bahasa cucurriculum, is the governement prescribed syllabus of 2013. This is supported by the modified Math, Bahasa and Theme workbooks especially made by SLC for the students.

For English curriculum, we follow the cambrige system. This is supported by the modified Math, English and Theme workbooks especially made by SLC for the students.

The children also follow a especially designed social skills curriculum to enhance their social emotional and language milestones. This is supported by a range of group activities throughout the daily schedule.

We also focus on fine and gross motor skills which will eventually lead to independent activities of daily living.


Primary/ Secondary

The Primary/ Secondary curriculum is available in both English and Bahasa

For Bahasa cucurriculum, SLC follows the governement prescribed syllabus of 2013 with the guidelines of the Yudistra books. This is also supported by the modified Math, Bahasa, IPA and IPS workbooks especially made by SLC for the students. For Indonesian students, we also give the facility for the UN exam at Grade 6. The school will first assess the readiness of the child before we decide to start the training for the UN exam.

For the English curriculum, SLC follows the cambrige system with the guidelines of My Pals and Impulsive English for Math and English. This is also supported by the modified Math , English and science workbooks especially made by SLC for the students.


The children also follow a especially designed social behaviour and communication curriculum to enhance their social skills in a group and in different situations. This is supported by a range of interactive group activities and role plays throughout the daily schedule.

We also focus on Daily Living kills and character building which will help the students to live independently.

What is the Curriculum at SLC?

Curriculum is a framework of guidelines which aids the teacher during teaching a child.

The curriculum, has goals that the child to achieve for their IEP. It focusses on the strengths of the child hence enabling them to learn and reach their maximum potential.

Our curriculum is a combinations of both academic and social skills.


SLC uses a wide range of resources in the school:

The montessori apparatus which focuses on learning fine motor, pre- mathematical and language concepts through concrete hands on materials, using all the 5 senses of our body. This experience is very enjoyable enabling the child to play and learn.

Flashcards materials which focuses on children with strong visual processing information, enabling them to process instructions, mathematical and language concept easier.

SLC modified workbooks ranging from kindergarden upto secondary level focusing in math, bahasa, english, theme and science.

Visual books which focuses on non-verbal and children who are visual learners.

Computers in the classes which enable the children to receive visual and auditory stimulation of songs, concept they are learning in math, english/bahasa and science in class.

Story books and props/ puppets in the classes which enable the children to learn vocabulary and associate words to objects. This also aids inexpanding the child’s creativity.

The playground equipements support the stimulation of child’s gross motor activites enabling the child to explore, experience and grow.


The teachers undergo many stages of interview before being accepted at SLC. The teacher then receives training session held by professionals to further enhance their skills. All teachers and staff share the vision of SLC and believe in making the change for all the special needs individuals.

Throughout the year, the teachers undergo continuous assesments by the management and the HR department. They also receive ongoing training through out the whole year. Internal discussions and progress report are always discussed and shown to the SLC management.

SLC has a teacher student ratio of 3:1. This is important for the best progress of the child.

How do the parents know what is happening at school?

In school, the teachers correspond with the parents on weekly basis through our communication book. This book has information about the topics covered during the week, it also shares what the child can do. The behaviour book informs the parents about the behaviour of the child during the week.