No, SLC will not be able to cure your special child but yes we guarantee progress. Your child will always have a continuous progress, it may be slow or it may be fast. However, this depends on the child’s ability and the amount of stimulation he/she receives at home to support the child’s program.

There is no definite time because each child varies. SLC performs continuous assessments and through these reports we identify when would be the right time to transfer your child. However, SLC will try its best to be able to transfer your special child to a supportive and accommodating inclusive school. We only want your child to progress forward.

Yes, indeed we do for the bahasa indonesia program we follow the curriculum 2013 and use different resources to support this curriculum. For the english program we follow the cambridge program. To know more click here…

Yes, we provide the children to be able to attend the UN exam, however this is tentative to the child’s ability. SLC is officially registered in Kemendikbud. When your child enrolls above the age of 6, your child will receive a nomor induk pokok which is issued by the government.

When your child graduates our kindergarten program, your child will receive a certificate from SLC. If the child does the un exam, the child then will be provided with the un certificate.

Yes, your child will learn a lot of social skills through different activities through the daily routine in the time table. They will learn to sing song and interact with friends through circle time, learn to share and do turn taking through cooking/art and craft activities and many more. To know more click here….

Your child will be recommended to attend a trial in the class and assessed by the clinical physiologist to identify the appropriate program for the individual. The result of the assessment will be then discussed with the parents and once decided that child will enter SLC, parents follow the admission process. Through the admission progress, parents will have an interview with the clinical psychologist regarding the strength of the child. Further more the parent will meet the principal to discuss regarding the child’s IEP program and lastly parents will meet with the school team to learn regarding the rules and roles of parents in SLC. Link to contact us page…..

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Yes, we have a vocational program which runs for minimal 2 years and maximum 4 years. Individuals are taught with functional academics and independent skills, making them successful in the supportive inclusive community. The individuals also make food/ beverage items along with merchandise products to create awareness regarding the inclusive community they want to build. SLC is also working on a project “Saraswati Inclusive Cafe”, creating opportunities for individuals with special needs to earn money and be part of a group not segregated.

Yes, we have a training program for teachers, caregivers and other professions who would like to learn how to help the special needs and how to enable their ability.

SLC has launched a campaign called ‘Jakarta Inclusive’. This campaign focuses on empowering different individuals in the community through various awareness actions. Awareness program is an essential factor when creating an inclusive community. Awareness program through different talks, seminars, workshops towards different organizations, parents, professionals and others in the society, will bring us all together as one whole community enabling an inclusive community with differently abled individual in Jakarta.