SLC was born with a vision that every special needs individual deserves the right to get the appropriate education and therapy services, focusing on the ability and not the disability.

We also envision to create a community where together we work for the rights of special needs individuals who can earn a living, have friends and be part of other groups without being segregated.


  • Create awareness through workshops and talks amongst parents, care givers and other organizations in the society to gain more knowledge regarding special needs individual.

  • Reaching maximum potential through assessments and IEP goals which focuses on child’s ability not disability.

  • Empower young special needs adults with skills and confidence to become successful individuals.

  • Develop different strategies, resources and accommodations to be able to reach the IEP goals of the special need individual.

  • Collaborate and build partnerships with stakeholders, professionals and parents to create opportunities for special needs individuals to work in the community.

  • Provide training program for teachers, parents and other professionals to support the growth of the special needs individual as a team.