Who are Interns?

Interns are undergraduates from universities or students who are still studying in universities. Interning at SLC means receiving work experiences through SLC SLCs Intern to Learn employment program.


What is SLCs Intern to Learn employment program?

SLCs Intern to Learn employment program allows you to benefit from different aspects. Few of them are:

1. Learn more about your field from a real world perspective, where you see how the teachers interact with differently abled students in different settings and scenarios.

2. Allows you to apply knowledge learnt from your university into SLCs classrooms enabling you to reflect on the effective strategies.

3. Gain valuable work experience and add on to your CV when you apply for a job.

4. Decide if this is a right path for your future job.

5. Develop and build upon new skills that links jobs to your core curriculum connecting academic to the work environment.

What can I gain from SLCs Intern to Learn Program?

Practical training once every three months

Direct interactions with the children

Direct learning from the teachers and SLC team.

Certificate of internship at SLC and letter of recommendation.

Opportunity of Job employment at SLC

What procedure should I follow if I want to enroll in SLCs Intern to Learn Program?

Send an email to shamira.slc@gmail.com with the following details:
Name, age, period of intended internship, Department and University name, contact details (phone number, email id)
SLC will get in touch with you to schedule an interview.