Community Collaboration Program

SLCs has a vision that the ‘special needs individual deserves the right to get the appropriate education and therapy services, focusing on the ability and not the disability.

We also to envision to create a community where together we fight for the rights of special needs individuals who can work and earn, have friends and be part of other groups without being segregated.’

This vision will help us build an ‘Inclusive Jakarta’ where the community is accepting of all differently abled individuals. Community Collaboration Program is an important component of ‘Inclusive Jakarta’ as SLC is collaborating with different groups and organizations in the community to build an empowered community, which is aware of the abilities of the differently abled and is ready to include them within their community.

Our different community programs consist of :


University collaboration program


School collaboration program


Hospital collaboration program


Organisations collaboration program


Job opportunity collaboration program


Training collaboration Program


Sponsorship collaboration program for underprivileged families

Through these collaborations we envision to change peoples mindset towards the differently abled individuals and support togetherness in Jakarta community.