Who can work at SLC?

School and Therapy

Clinical Psychologist,

Special Needs Educator,

Montessori teachers,

therapists (speech, behavior, occupational, physio, music, art)


Office Staff




Human Resource

School Operator

Principal’s secretary

Public Relation officer

Corporate Sponsorship coordinator

What are the qualifications and requirements to work at SLC?

A Bachelors or Masters degree from a certified university

Working experience of min 2 year.

We also accept fresh graduates with good academic record and university /internship referral.

Positive attitude

Hard working and ready to learn

Open minded towards positive criticism

Believes in the abilities of special needs children

Want to create the change in Jakarta

How to apply?

Send in your CV with recommendation letter to shamira.slc@gmail.com
The school will set up an interview schedule with micro teaching demo for you.
At the end of the interview process you will be signing a contract for one academic year.