Who makes SLCs Beyond DIF’ABLE

The young differently abled adults of SLCs Vocational Unit are involved inmaking different merchandise items.

Why do they make these products?

The students in the vocational program are given different skills. They use these skills to make merchandise products are made to provide them with a job opportunity and become functioning parts of the society.

What are the merchandise items produced by the children?

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How can you contribute and what will be the impact of your contribution?

You can contribute by buying the products made by the students of SLC.

Your contribution will make the differently abled individuals gain great pride and confidence, providing them the opportunity to feel included and normal just like you and me!

You can also contribute by wearing/ using the items and share it on instagram or any social media.

Your contribution will make the differently individuals gain acknowledgement and awareness regarding their abilities. This will spread belief towards all the differently abled individuals, that ‘Yes they can do it!’

Beyond DIF’ABLE store

The money contributed by you by buying the products will be allocated towards the Saraswati Inclusive Café. This is where the young differently abled adults will receive permanent job employment and included in the society.

How can you buy the products?

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choose your product and contact us at 021-081310016360 to place your order.